"Touch Points has provided expert Change Management and Communications assistance to my organization as we made a transformative change in our Work Place and Workplace Strategy. Touch Points assisted us every step of the way at all levels of our organization: from selling to the C-Suite to communicating individually with managers and employees individually impacted by the change. They developed a program plan on managing and communicating the change, and provided tools and resources for every step of the way. I trusted Jennifer enough to be the front line of communication with our employees, and she won over the hearts and minds of her audiences across the country. We have used Touch Points in four different locations: Minnesota, Virginia, DC Area, and Colorado."

Chris Calhoun, Director of Facilities & Real Estate, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

The Situation: The world's top national defense contractor engaged Touch Points to help them successfully manage through an intense culture change for multiple offices around the country. The desire was to use open environment offices to help move their corporate culture from a heirachy dependent atmosphere to a more open and collaborative one. While avoiding expanding real estate costs was a key driver, so was making sure that employees embraced and thrived after the change.

In addition, Touch Points worked with executives and associates at the Minnesota site to plan and execute an Open House event for customers, local officials and approximately 700 employees in the Bloomington area.

Touch Points immersion included:
• Conducting change readiness assessments for all sites
• Building formal and information measurement strategies
• Holding leadership strategy sessions to clearly articulate the desired outcomes and expectations
• Walking the executive committee through a change process and outcome expectations sessions
• Leading brainstorming sessions with executives and senior management about move strategies,
  tactics and timetables
• Creating manuals and training materials for managers and associates
• Developing an internal project website to house information for employees
• Writing all communications to every audience level
• Managing the champions and admin teams
• Conducting orientation sessions
• Facilitating pre-move/post-move surveys and coffee breaks to monitor employee engagement
• Holding weekly teleconferences with various department heads to plan a corporate-wide Open House
  event and masterminding the event timetable from start to finish
• Communicating regularly with workplace change managers, admins and employees/associates
  throughout the entire change initiative
• Conducting intense focus groups and online surveys to gather results

The Results: The client was thrilled with the detailed process and with Touch Points handling of potentially difficult situations. Heralded as a true example of how to handle internal change, the company is now using the organized approach for other change initiatives. Like other workplace change projects, the acceptance of these changes around the country helped the company avoid millions in additional real estate, while also gaining huge acceptance and ratings with employees.

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