"As a real estate executive at Capital One, I hired Jennifer and Touch Points several times to create and implement change management programs for new workplace solutions through her company's workplace change expertise. For Capital One's award winning Future of Work alternative workplace program, Jennifer created a robust change management program, complete with all processes, schedules, resources and tools that were instrumental and a key contributor to the program's success. Jennifer's team provided me access and the ability to build communications, marketing plans, websites, computer-based training and education materials all in a timely fashion. She and her team also became a reliable go-to resource to help present, train and onboard businesses through the program. Success led to Jennifer and her company providing the change management strategy for Capital One's roll out of VoIP in their Richmond and McLean VA campuses. With up to 2,000 phones per cut-over, her program allowed us to execute the largest single cutovers in the industry in a record setting 5-month period. Previous efforts of similar scope limit cutovers to 250 people and take 18 to 24 months to do. This was done with a 95% satisfaction rate which far exceeded the 75% industry norm. I would highly recommend Jennifer and Touch Points to any business looking to implement a complex, workplace change."

Bryan Berthold, First Vice President, Corporate Real Estate Strategic Planning & Relationship Management, WAMU/JP Morgan Chase & Co

The Situation: During a massive three-year initiative to create a new way of working impacting more than 6,000 employees of a national financial institution, Touch Points developed and executed comprehensive change and communications programs heralded as the "best ever" by the company's key stakeholders.

Touch Points immersion included:
• Setting up governance models for executives and senior managers
• Creating timetables and action plans for change implementation
• Helping the project delivery team become focused on employee experience during the change
• Creating a cohesive experience for employees who were facing changes in the workplace, changes
  with technology and changes in how their teams interacted
• Conducting informative orientation sessions to introduce the workplace change to employees
• Scheduling and conducting pre-change/post-change coffee breaks and surveys to monitor employee
• Creating special sessions about etiquette and accountability in the new corporate environment
• Prepping managers and employees with move details and procedures
• Staying in constant communication with workplace change managers, admins and employees/
  associates throughout the entire change initiative
• Measuring the impact and results

The Results: Our team's deep-dive immersion into the corporation's culture and internal systems resulted in progressive and leading-edge change plans that helped them avoid millions of dollars in new construction all while increasing employee satisfaction by double digit numbers. Nationally the program helped the corporation garner coveted awards like Working Mother's "Top 100 Best Places to Work" and the highest national Corporate Real Estate award for innovation.

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