The Situation: A Juilliard-trained couple opened a small business dedicated to building musical communities by offering high-quality music classes, programs and training for adults and children of all ages and abilities. Now the firm wanted to launch Vivo, a class specially designed for elementary-age children with autism. Touch Points was charged with quickly developing an aggressive media relations strategy that included crafting the messaging about this new class, pitching the story to print/broadcast/online media and connecting with all of the region's advocacy groups that work with special-needs and autistic children.

Touch Points Immersion Included:
• Interviewing the client's founders and music therapists to identify key messages and media hooks.
• Crafting press releases, flyers and customized emails for all of the target audiences.
• Using our contacts to set up a photo shoot at no charge to the client. The resulting photos were
  posted on the client's web site and used in several of the media placements.
• Relentless pitching and follow-up with all area media to secure story placements.
• Researching, identifying and communicating with a wide array of advocacy groups and agencies that
  provide services or counseling to families of children with autism.

The Results:
• Stories about Vivo appeared in nine print publications.
• The Vivo instructors were featured in a 4-minute morning news segment
• Almost 60 special-needs educators, healthcare professionals and special-needs/autism advocacy
  groups were identified and targeted to receive information about the Vivo class; all were sent a PDF of
  a flyer about Vivo and invited to share it with any families who had children with autism spectrum
  disorder; many of these groups emailed back to thank us for making them aware of Vivo.
• The first Vivo class had 7 students, which was one of the client's largest classes. All of them
  participated in the finale concert where they accompanied their teacher on a xylophone while she
  strummed the guitar. They were making music together, even though they couldn't carry on a typical
  conversation with each other.
• The class was so successful that it will be offered again in three locations.

"Jennifer is a proven commodity in a world where others often stop at promises. Her work for me on multiple contracts and over many years has always delivered results and her personality and relationship skills are central traits of her successes. She uses a broad network of resources/contacts and manages well to deliver results on time, creatively often exceeding expectations. Thumbs ups!"

Jeff Prillaman, co-founder, Da Capo Institute

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